Please Note: We have retired and are no longer accepting requests for petsitting or pet care services as of February 1, 2019. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have cared for so many precious pets over the years.

Before You Leave...
How To Prepare
For Your Pet Sitter

Professional Pet Sitting in The Woodlands, Texas

Before you leave on your dream vacation getaway or on that important business trip, make sure you have prepared for your pet sitters appointments. Here is our handy checklist to help you...

Before You Leave
Checklist for Pet Sitting -
General and Interior Items...

General Items

  • Tell any trusted neighbors that you will be going out of town and that Castor Creek Petsitting will be taking care of your pets until you return. Please give them our phone number or our business card, just in case an emergency situation arises.
  • Always keep in close contact with your sitter via phone, text or email to inform them of any late departures (leaving from home, or from your destination on your return trip back), or any unscheduled early arrivals back home, so we can adjust our care services if needed.
  • Call your home security company, (or your private security response service) and tell them that we will be taking care of your pets, whilst you are traveling.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing their identification collar and that their tags are attached. If your pet wears a chest halter when walking, please have it out and available for your sitter.
  • Double check that you have enough pet food, medicine and any supplemental items that may be needed (cat litter, treats, trash bags, paper towels, bath towels for drying dogs after walks, or after pool playtime, etc) on hand for the length of time you will be away.
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Interior Items

  • Demonstrate the operation of your home security system to your sitter. Have a spare alarm key fob available, if you wish the sitter to use it in lieu of manually entering the alarm code upon entry.
  • Clean out your refrigerator of any food items that will perish before you return home.
  • Collect your favorite cleaning supplies (kitchen counter cleaner, carpet spot cleaner, etc) and have them handy, just in cast the sitter needs to clean up any pet areas, or pet accidents.
  • Collect all trash and recycling items and place them in your rubbish bins as you leave. Your sitter will take care of taking the bins to the curb and bringing them back up again, whilst you're away.
  • Set your interior heating or air-conditioning thermostat to the desired hold temperature, or place programmable thermostats in "Vacation" mode.
  • Double check that windows and doors are closed and locked as you leave for your trip.
  • Set your drapery/blinds as you wish them to appear when you are gone. If you would like the sitter to alternate the blinds and curtains, or any interior lighting, please let us know.
  • Double check that any fixed mounting interior video cameras are working, or place moveable pet/nanny video cameras into the desired areas you wish to monitor. 
  • Please show you sitter any rooms or furniture pieces that are off limits to pets in your home.
  • Close any water closet (toilet) lids and any doors to storage cabinets for the safety of your pets.

Before You Leave
Checklist for Pet Sitting -
Exterior and Miscellaneous Items...

Exterior Items

Kitten, One Day Old
  • Close and secure any exterior gates. If your gates can be locked, please lock them as you leave on your trip.
  • Double check that all exterior security lights are working. Replace any bulbs that are burned out.
  • Double check the operation of exterior video cameras and make sure to take your login credentials with you, so you can access your Internet, or Cloud Server for security, or pet-cam videos.
  • If you have a pool in your backyard and you would like us to exercise or play with your dog in the pool (during warmer months), please let us know. There is a small additional charge for this service.
  • Show your sitter the location of any pet pool toys and have extra towels on hand for drying your pet after pool playtime. 
  • If you would like us to check on your pool during our pet sitting visit, just let us know. We can check the skimmers and remove any floating debris with your pool net.


  • Show your sitter the location of your hand, or upright vacuum cleaner (for cleaning around cat litter boxes) and your spot carpet cleaning machine (Little Green Machine, Spot Bot etc), just in case it is needed.
  • Have spare vacuum cleaner bags and your preferred carpet cleaning products on hand, just in case they are needed. 
  • Make sure you sitter knows the location of your main water shut-off valve and the electrical circuit mains box for your home. 
  • We will need two sets of keys to your preferred entry door, plus two more keys if there is a locked exterior gate (or the digital access code, or key fobs). Double check that the keys will work in the locks.

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Home Security Alarm Tip...

Most home security alarms can be programmed for temporary access and can utilize a separate disarm code. Call your security alarm company and ask them how to program a "temporary pet sitter code" for your security system.

This temporary disarm code will allow you to keep your primary disarm code private. This temporary code can then be deleted upon your return home, or maintained if you wish Castor Creek Petsitting to have on-going access for future needs when you travel for business, or pleasure.

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