Please Note: We have retired and are no longer accepting requests for petsitting or pet care services as of February 1, 2019. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have cared for so many precious pets over the years.

Pet Sitting Services and Rates

Looking for Professional, Insured and Bonded Pet Sitting Services?
We service these areas:

Castor Creek Petsitting, LLCYour Pets Will Receive Lots of Love and Attention

Southern Montgomery County and Northern Harris County including The Woodlands, Carlton Woods, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North, Conroe and areas around Lake Conroe, Willis, Spring, Pinehurst, Tomball, Magnolia and many other neighborhoods in and around The Woodlands, Texas and the Champions Forest area along F.M. 1960 West. If your zip is not listed, call us. We may be able to help you!

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Complimentary Initial Visit

Steve Russell, President Castor Creek Petsitting, LLC in The Woodlands, TexasSteve Russell - President. Resident of The Woodlands, Texas for 20 Years

Hello and welcome to Castor Creek Petsitting! The first step to enquire about professional pet sitting services for your treasured pets is to schedule an initial meeting. We are happy to come to your home at a time that is convenient for you, to meet you and get to know you and your pet family members.

We will also be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our professional pet sitting sitting, or dog walking services. Initial visits typically last approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length. We also offer custom pet sitting, dog walking and specialized swimming pool exercise programs for pets, just ask us!

Pet Sitting Services

We Care For Dogs of All Sizes and BreedsWe Care for All Sizes and Breeds of Dogs, Including Show Dogs
We Care For Cats Including Rare Breeds and ExoticsWe Care For Cats Including Ultra Rare Breeds and Exotics

If you're traveling on vacation or away on business, your pets will be able to stay in the safety and security of their own home, eat their regular food and keep their normal daily routines. Your pets will be treated with the utmost care and respect and will receive lots of love and attention during our visits. We provide daily email reports and include a photo, or short video of your pet/s. 

Adult Dogs: Minimum 3 Visits Per Day,
Depending on Breed Size, Age and Health Condition

Puppies: - Varies by Age, Please Call

Adult Cats: Minimum 1 Visit Per Day

Kittens: - Varies by Age, Please Call

Birds: Minimum 2 Visits Per Day

Reptiles: Varies, Minimum 1 - 2 Visits Per Day

Fish: Minimum 1 Visit Per Day

Other Pets and Exotics: Please Call

(Potty Break Visits for Dogs - See Bottom of Page)

Services for Dogs, Cats
and Small Animals

  • Standard pet sitting visits (1 - 2 pets) are approximately 30 - minutes in length. Longer sittings are available - see below.
  • Feeding, refresh water and administer any medications. All bowls will be washed/rinsed once daily. 
  • Cat litter boxes will be scooped/cleaned and the litter refreshed as needed from your supplies. Minor spot cleaning of pet areas if needed.
  • Your pets will receive lots of love, attention, exercise and playtime during each visit.
  • Mail, delivered packages and newspapers/fliers will be brought inside.
  • Interior lighting and/or window treatments will be alternated, if desired.
  • Trash bins will be taken down to curb, or brought back up.
  • Daily detailed email report on your pets with a photo/s, or a short video if desired.
We Care For ReptilesWe Care For Reptiles
We Care for HamstersWe Care for Hamsters
We Care for BirdsWe Care for Birds

Additional Care for Birds

  • Perches will be cleaned daily and cage liners will be replaced as needed.
  • Treats can be given according to your instructions, if desired.
  • Additional care services are available.

We Care For FerretsWe Care for Ferrets
We Care for TurtlesWe Care for Turtles
We Care for Most SnakesWe Care for Most Snakes

Pet Sitting Visits

Our Standard Pet Sitting Visit is Approximately 30-Minutes.

(Includes Feeding, if Desired)

Longer Visits of up to 45-Minutes and 60-Minutes are also Available for Your Convenience.

Total Number of Pets

1 - 2

3 - 4

5 - 6

7 - 8

9 or More

Up To 30-Minute Visit






Up To 45-Minute Visit






Up To 60-Minute Visit






Potty Break Visits
(Does Not Include Feeding)

Early Morning, Morning, Late-Morning, Mid-Day, Early-Afternoon, Mid-Afternoon, Late-Afternoon, Evening and Late-Evening Potty Breaks

Up To 20-Minute Potty Break


1.) Pet/s taken out for their potty break.

2.) Refresh water bowls.

3.) Minor spot cleaning of pet areas, if needed.

4.) Daily email report on your pets with a photo, or a short video if desired.

1 - 2 Pets: $23.00
(Per visit - up to 2 Pets)

3 Pets: $25.00

4 Pets: $27.00

5 Pets: $29.00

6 Pets: $31.00

7 Pets: $33.00

8 Pets: $35.00

9 or More Pets - Please Call

Red Cross with Paw Print - PDI

First Aid
and CPR Certified

Cornish Rexcat KittenWe Care for Kittens

"We have known Steve for 20 years. He took care of Misty, our Cocker Spaniel for many years and he now takes care of Baylor, our Black Labrador. Steve is very good with animals and they all seem to love him...When Baylor sees him, she starts wagging her tail and wants us to let her go see him. Steve watched Baylor while we were on vacation two weeks ago.

He kept us informed of how she was doing each day and he also sent us a picture of her everyday. She was very happy and very well taken care of during our vacation. I would recommend using Steve and Castor Creek Petsitting to anyone looking for in-home pet sitting services for their pets."

Pam K. - The Woodlands

We Care for Saltwater FishWe Care for Saltwater Fish
We Care For InvertebratesWe Care For Invertebrates
We Care For OctopusWe Care for Octopus and other Marine Animals

Additional Care for Fish, Marine Animals and Invertebrates

  • Fish, Marine Animals and Invertebrates in tanks are charged as one pet, no matter how may be in a single tank. Our $25.00 pet sitting rate includes up to (2) 55 gallon (or smaller) tanks. Additional tanks are $5.00 each. Tanks over 55 gallon - please call for rate.

  • Any freshwater fish tanks will have the evaporated water refreshed if desired, using your water and water treatment or conditioning supplies.

  • Any saltwater tanks will have the evaporated water refreshed if desired, with your replacement aerated saltwater supply.

  • Easily accessible and disposable external fish tank filters will be changed when needed, using your supplies.

  • Additional care services are available to suit your needs, please call us.
We Care for Freshwater FishWe Care for Freshwater Fish

We Care For RabbitsWe Care For Rabbits

Swimming Pool?

Swim Fins

If you have a pool and you would like us to exercise or play with your dog in the pool (during warmer months), please let us know!


There is a $5.00 additional charge per pet sitting session for this service. Click on the above swim fins for full details.

Castor Creek Petsitting, The Woodlands TexasWe Offer Pool Playtime and Exercise for Dogs!