Please Note: We have retired and are no longer accepting requests for petsitting or pet care services as of February 1, 2019. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have cared for so many precious pets over the years.

Why Use A Pet Sitter?

Cassie and Reese

You may be wondering why you should use a pet sitter to care for your treasured pets when you travel? Some people consider using friends or neighbors to care for their pets when they are out of town. However, friends and relatives may not have the time to properly care for your pets. They may have a last minute business trip, or a personal or family emergency that prevents them from caring for your pet on a timely basis.

The solution is to enlist the services of a professional, insured and bonded pet sitter who is dedicated to the proper care and well being of your pets during your absence. These are just a few of the many benefits of hiring a professional, bonded and insured pet sitter from Castor Creek Petsitting, LLC:

What Are the Benefits of Using
the Professional Pet Sitters at
Castor Creek Petsitting, LLC?


  • Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!
    When you use the professional insured and bonded pet sitters at Castor Creek, your do not have to drive to a boarding facility, or worry about getting your pets stressed out when you are getting ready to leave for your dream vacation getaway, or that important business trip.
  • Peace of Mind
    Castor Creek Petsitting, LLC
    in The Woodlands, Texas is fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind. We are a professional pet sitting company and we take the care of your pets and your premises seriously. We are dedicated to the highest standards and we carry multiple insurance coverages, including General Liability, a Bond and Workers Compensation Insurance. In addition, we have passed a thorough background check and we are certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR.
  • No Need to Rely on Family, or Neighbors
    Family members and neighbors may be out of town, or working across town and be unavailable to help care for your pets on a timely basis. Our top priority is the health, safety and proper care of your pet during your absence. In addition to feeding and refreshing water bowls, we provide exercise, playtime and we give lots of love and attention to your pets during each pet sitting care visit.
  • Normalcy of Environment and Diet is Maintained
    Your pets stay in the comfort and safety of your own home, eat their usual meals and sleep in their own comfy bed, or favorite sleeping spot. Keeping your pet on their normal daily routine helps to ensure that a happy and stress-free pet greets you upon your return home!
  • Relocation Stress is Completely Eliminated
    Since your pets stay in their own home, there is no stress associated with transporting them to and from a noisy kennel, or boarding facility.
  • No Cramped or Uncomfortable Crates!
    Even large boarding crates/cages can sometimes be too cramped, or uncomfortable for some pets. When your pets stay at home, they are less stressed out because their surroundings are familiar. They also have more room to move around and play in an environment they feel safe in.
  • Custom Services are Available
    We offer custom care services to meet your needs and the needs of your pets. We care for senior pets and those with special needs. In addition, we can provide custom exercise services, like "in-your-pool" swimming and pool playtime activities for dogs, or extra long walks of five miles or more. 
  • Value Added Services
    In addition to providing compassionate care for your pets, we include extra value added services like bringing in the mail and any delivered packages, alternating interior lights and curtains, providing daily email reports with pictures or videos or your pets, taking out the trash and basic pool care like emptying the skimmers, or removing floating debris with your pool cleaning net.

Does your dog love to swim in your pool?
We offer pool exercise
and playtime for dogs! Click on one of the photos for full details.

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Why Choose
Castor Creek Petsitting, LLC in The Woodlands to Care For Your Treasured Pets?


We are Experienced Professional Pet Sitters, and Dog Walkers and We're Fully Insured and Bonded for Your Peace of Mind & Protection

We are Certified in the Latest Pet First Aid and Pet CPR Emergency Medical Techniques

Complimentary Initial Meeting and Consultation

Private "In Your Home" Pet Sitting. No Stressed out Pets When You Return

Detailed Daily Reports with Photos/Videos of Your Pets

We Offer Dog Walking Services

No Holiday Surcharges!

Short Notice Appointments Accepted - If Schedule Allows

Our Optional "On-Call" service accepts phone calls from clients 24-hours a day for pet sitting  emergencies

For Your Convenience, we Accept Cash, Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard , American Express and Discover

Kibby-CWe Care for Rare Cat Breeds Like the Cornish Rex Cat


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